1,237 Dentists & Counting Have Built Dream Offices That Increased Wealth, Boosted Profits & Patient Volume WITHOUT the Risks and Headaches

What if you could have a state of the art, built just the way you like it, dental office that

increases your patient volume by 30% or more in the 1st 6 months?

Somebody’s not telling you the truth about building your dream office…

It doesn’t have to be a huge headache.
It doesn’t have to be a massive financial burden.
You don't have to write a giant check for the down payment.
You don’t have to finance it yourself (we offer lease to own options).
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“I was able to focus on being a dentist and building my business, as they literally built my business. I felt like Primus really had my back and understood the process and what it meant to be a dentist to be building the dream. Primus was fantastic!” 

- Dr. Robinson Kiser, Little Chompers Pediatric Dentistry – Leavenworth, KS

The Problems We Solve for You


Simplify & streamline the complex building process with expert planning & support.

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Keep your project on time and on budget with our perfected systems and processes (avoiding mistakes in budget and schedule that can cost you hundreds of thousands).

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Ensure local and federal approval and compliance because we know the dental space intimately.

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Protect your investment with exacting with exacting attention to detail and a comprehensive due diligence process.

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Ensure a smooth building process because we compliance because we have navigated regulatory approvals for your type of project thousands of times.

One thing we understand about dentists is that you work hard, you care a lot about your patients, your staff, and the experience you create. Your name is literally on the line.  


You want to have the best environment and best chance to succeed with your practice.


But buying or building a new office that truly and deeply reflects your vision and what you see inside of you is a daunting, complicated, overwhelming, and seemingly high risk endeavor. 

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But you know it’s possible and you’ve seen other dentists have great success with a new office and transform their practice as a result. Chances are you may have even seen an office we’ve helped transform.


We know it’s possible and attainable for you to have a dream state of the art office that increases your patient volume, your staff morale, your productivity, your wealth, and your reputation without unnecessary risks, stress, and headaches. 


That’s where we come in.

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“Two and a half years later, we’ve doubled the amount of treatments and Spring 2018 we reached full capacity! Now we’re looking to add an associate and expand to another location. We exceeded our expectations and there’s no way we could have predicted this much success.” 

- Dr. Rachael Revell of West Des Moines, Iowa

About Primus:

Over the last 20 years, and more than 1,237 dental office projects, Primus has earned its reputation as one of the best dental office specialists in the country. Our specialized team of planning, architectural design, interior design, and construction experts provide exceptional service and guidance to every niche of the dental profession. We call our proprietary methodology the Primus Integrated Solution System, and it sets us firmly above every other architect, builder, consultant or contractor serving in the dental space.


12 Common Issues Dentists Face on Projects WITHOUT us:

  1. Lack of alignment of the multiple vendors. It's very easy for one facet of the project to get tunnel vision and not communicate/cooperate with the other parties.
  2. Miscommunication that creates friction, delays, and wasted expense.
  3. Not understanding the unique needs of dental offices and regulations because it’s not their specialty.
  4. National architects who know the dental space still often have no connection to the local municipality or contractors in the area.
  5. Significant plumbing, heating, and cooling issues that plague your office for years.
  6. Lease and permitting issues can cause the years of work to be flushed down the drain.
  7. Overbuilt, over-equipped offices with lots of under used equipment and space.
  8. Disjointed very stressful build because architecture, dental equipment, technology and construction weren't integrated. 
  9. You must be much more hands on during the building process and your time chairside suffers.
  10. Personal and family stress from managing a construction project.
  11. Miss out on the long term wealth building strategy of owning a beautiful appreciating building.
  12. Worse case scenario, a $2 million dollar project that is mismanaged can sink a decade of work and someone’s life savings (we’ve seen it happen when they didn’t work with us).

Primus Dental is right for you if:

You are tired of leasing, paying someone else rent & you are ready to own your own state of the art building.

You don’t have the free cash to invest in owning your building yet, but you’d like to do a 5 year lease to own instead of being stuck in the perpetual cycle of leasing.

You want to work with some who’s consistently on time and on budget.

You’re looking for an expert in the dental space, someone that will prevent the mistakes and pain that most go through.

You want to work with an all in one integrated solution with over 1,000 successful projects under our belt as a team.

You want to work with the best dental solution that saves you headache, time, and money in the long run.

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Primus Dental is not right for you If:

You want to manage the project yourself and try and save a nickel but cost yourself a dollar in long term mistakes.

You prefer projects that are not on time and budget.

You want to cut corners.

You prefer to work with people who don’t really know or care about the dental industry.

You like headaches, problems, and excuses.


5 Step Dream Dental Office System

Primus Integrated Solution plan: to end the rat race and grow your clinic to new heights:

EVALUATE: Assess your current state and desired outcomes.  What is your current situation? What do you want to accomplish? Your timeline? Your investment goals?

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PLAN: Determine direction for the project utilizing market conditions, research, and due diligence.Identify and secure real estate. Preliminary site and building layouts. Project feasibility determined.

number-3 (1)

DESIGN: Develop all architectural, structural, civil, and MEP engineering drawings required for marketing, city approval, pricing, and construction. Develop other necessary elements including operating agreement, lease, financing, and investment proforma.

number-4 (2)

BUILD: Create in the real world what was built on paper. Construct the building shell and the interior spaces. Ensure all elements required for opening are coordinated with necessary vendors and tradespeople.

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GROWTH: This is the fun part as many of our clients experience significant growth in the first several months of opening their new office and especially over the next several years.

Getting a new dental office can help improve your dental practice in the following ways:

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Attracting New Patients

A visually stunning and modern dental office can help to attract new patients who are looking for a high-quality dental experience. Patients often associate the appearance of a dental office with the quality of care they will receive, and a new office can help to convey a sense of professionalism and attention to detail.

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Creating a Positive Impression 

When patients enter a beautifully designed office space, they are more likely to feel relaxed, comfortable, and confident in the care they will receive. A new office can help to create a positive impression of the practice and build trust with patients.

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Enhancing the Patient Experience

A new office can be designed with the patient experience in mind, incorporating features such as comfortable seating, calming lighting, and state-of-the-art technology. This can help to make the dental visit more comfortable and less stressful for patients.

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Boosting Staff Morale

A new, modern office can also boost staff morale and create a sense of pride in their workplace. This can help to improve employee satisfaction, which in turn can lead to better patient care and a more positive overall practice environment.

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Increased Efficiency

A new office can be designed with the latest technology and equipment, which can help to improve the efficiency of dental procedures. This can help to reduce wait times for patients and improve the overall workflow of the practice.

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Improved Organization 

A new office can be designed with organization in mind, with features such as ample storage space, dedicated work areas, and streamlined patient flow. This can help to reduce clutter and confusion, making it easier for staff to provide efficient and effective care.

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Enhanced Reputation 

A beautiful new office can help to enhance the reputation of a dental practice, making it more attractive to potential patients and other dental professionals. A practice with a reputation for high-quality care and a modern, welcoming office space is more likely to be recommended by patients and colleagues alike.

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Increased Revenue

A new office can help to increase revenue by attracting new patients, improving patient retention rates, and increasing the efficiency of dental procedures. This can help to improve the financial health of the practice and provide opportunities for growth and expansion.

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Perception of Clinic Competence

If you want your patients to believe you’re a good dentist, have a space that says that. When they walk in, you want them to feel even more confident they are with the right dentist.

Here’s some of the nightmare situations dentists run into by not working with an all in one, dental specialist like us:

“Another dentist friend wanted to open a new office, so he found a general contractor and let his dental equipment rep design the space. The rep threw in every possible piece of equipment and accessory at him – it was overbuilt and overdone. He had a lot of contractor mistakes in areas like plumbing. He really struggled, but after two years and $2 million spent on construction, the city wouldn’t let him renew the lease, so he had to vacate and move! That poor guy ran into a ton of problems.”

-Tina Jayne, Central Iowa Orthodonics

Here's What Dentists Are Saying:

Dr. Dennis Wells – “It was pretty clear from the first meeting that we were dealing with people who definitely knew the dental space and that was comforting.” 

“Jason and his team have such a dedication to the processes to ensure at the end of the day it’s a win, win and you get what you’re looking for. We think the world of Primus!”  

- Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry – Brentwood, TN

Dr. Andy Palmer - “I wouldn’t even look anywhere else. Primus was on time, on budget, and everything worked out ideally. I couldn’t have asked for more!”

- Andrew C. Palmer Dentistry & Associates – Circleville, OH

Dr. Robinson Kiser – “I was able to focus on being a dentist and building my business, as they literally built my business. I felt like Primus really had my back and understood the process and what it meant to be a dentist to be building the dream. Primus was fantastic!”

- Little Chompers Pediatric Dentistry – Leavenworth, KS

Dr. Kiene – “I had a great experience with Primus. I think they did a fantastic job. I take pride in our office building, and I thank Primus for helping us to have (what I think is) the nicest office in Kansas City.”

- Kiene Dental Group – Shawnee, KS

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Jason Drewelow is CEO of Primus Companies, a national design-build firm that specializes in dental and medical office projects, with over 1,237 projects completed to-date. Over the past 15 years Jason has worked with solo practitioners and group practices on all facets of real estate, including strategic planning, development, acquisitions, and negotiations. His book, Making the Right Impression, is a how-to guide for dentists considering an office project. Jason is originally from Iowa, but now lives in Nashville. He has two teenage sons, a dog, Sadie, and enjoys hiking and boating in his spare time.

At Primus, we believe our purpose is to help every dentist we serve make the best decision possible for their individual situation. 

Every interaction with doctors, every step of our process, has been developed with this belief in mind.

We rigorously consider the following in designing and building your office:

Figuring out the best area for your office, designing an office for optimal flow.
The correct location of water lines, gas lines, and air lines.
Correctly laying out the lab, the sterilization center, and multiple operatories.
Planning for and appropriately decorating waiting rooms, reception areas, and the consultation room
Correctly sizing private offices, business offices, and the staff breakroom.
The cultural feel you want to create when patients and staff experience your office.
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And of course we design according to the following and much more to make sure you’re protected & meet all regulatory standards:

International Building Code
Uniform Building Code
International Energy Conservation Code
National Fire Protection Association

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